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New drug turns humans into exploding bio-weapons?

This is about the strangest thing I've ever heard of ...

The Sun Online has a new article about a guy named Nav Modi, who willingly entered these clinical trials in exchange for about 2,000 Euros. He was injected with a new drug called TGN1412, developed by a German firm called Te Genero. 24 hours later, his entire body had swollen up several times the normal size, and he was not the only one who suffered these effects. He was promised that monkeys had been injected with the drug and experienced no ill effects. He only got a fraction of the dose they put in the animals.

A few excerpts from the story ...

Nav’s terror deepened when he was moved with the five other drug victims to intensive care in the early hours of the day after the trial.

Drugged and slipping in and out of consciousness, he was too weak to speak as he felt medical tubes, wires and monitoring equipment being plumbed into his tortured body. At 10am the next day — 26 hours after he was given the drug — he was allowed a visit from his 22-year-old girlfriend Divya Vegda.

She collapsed in shock and burst into tears the moment she saw his hideously bloated frame.

Nav said: “I had no idea how I looked — I’d been drugged and had been too out of it to ask for a mirror.

“But when Divya saw me in hospital for the first time, her shocked reaction spoke volumes.

“She reeled backwards in shock unable to speak and just burst into floods of tears.

“A nurse had to comfort her before she could come back but she could barely speak to me and tears were still running down my face as she sat at my bedside.

“She’s told me since that — without exaggeration — my head had swelled up to at least twice its normal size, just like the Elephant Man in the movie.

“My whole body — limbs, torso, everything — was puffed up and swollen beyond recognition and I had tubes and wires going into my neck, legs and arms.

“Looking back I’m glad I didn’t realise how dreadful I looked because that might have pushed me over the edge.

He is out of the hospital, having survived the experience. But others in the trial are still in critical condition. And two weeks ago, The Sun Online ran a front page that read, "We Saw Human Guinea Pigs Explode."

Now, isn't that just disturbing? Here's the full story ...

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