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Net Neutrality strikes a minor victory

This is good, but only the beginning.
From Raw Story ...
House Judiciary Committee backs Net Neutrality effort

A bipartisan bill brought to the House Judiciary Committee that sought to derail a proposed 'two-tier' Internet plan in which telecommunications companies would charge Internet sites fees to ensure their site was delivered faster than other sites passed the House Judiciary Committee today by a 20-13 vote, RAW STORY has learned.

"This is an amazing turnaround, from a bipartisan stance against net neutrality, to a bipartisan stance for net neutrality," Matt Stoller, who led part of the blogger coalition against the telecommunications plan. "The battle isn't over, but enjoy this victory."

[SNIP ...] The VoteFall:

Democrats Conyers - yes Berman - yes Boucher - yes Nadler - yes Scott - yes Watt - not voting Lofgren - yes Jackson-Lee - yes Waters - yes Meehan - not voting Delahunt - present Wexler - yes Weiner - yes Schiff - yes Sanchez, Linda - yes Van Hollen - yes Wasserman Schultz - yes

Republicans Sensenbrenner - yes Hyde - didn't vote Coble - no Smith - no Gallegly - no Goodlate - yes Chabot - no Lungren - yes Jenkins - yes Cannon - yes Bachus - no Inglis - yes Hostetler - no Green - no Keller - no Flake - not voting Pence - not voting Forbes - no King - no Feeney - no Frank - no Gohmert - not voting

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