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Peace in Iraq? Yes, please.

This morning from The Times Online ...
Peace deal offers Iraq insurgents an amnesty
From Ned Parker in Baghdad and Tom Baldwin

THE Iraqi Government will announce a sweeping peace plan as early as Sunday in a last-ditch effort to end the Sunni insurgency that has taken the country to the brink of civil war.

The 28-point package for national reconciliation will offer Iraqi resistance groups inclusion in the political process and an amnesty for their prisoners if they renounce violence and lay down their arms, The Times can reveal.

The Government will promise a finite, UN-approved timeline for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq; a halt to US operations against insurgent strongholds; an end to human rights violations, including those by coalition troops; and compensation for victims of attacks by terrorists or Iraqi and coalition forces.

It will pledge to take action against Shia militias and death squads. It will also offer to review the process of “de-Baathification” and financial compensation for the thousands of Sunnis who were purged from senior jobs in the Armed Forces and Civil Service after the fall of Saddam Hussein.
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Best. News. Since 2003. I hope it works. Bush promised to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq if asked by the new Iraqi Government. They've asked three times. This time ... well, here's hoping. But yesterday, in an interview with CNN, that Dick, VP Cheney, said the following ...
"If we were to do that, it would be devastating from the standpoint of the global war on terror," the Vice President added. "It would affect what happens in Afghanistan. It would make it difficult for us to persuade the Iranians to give up their aspirations for nuclear weapons. It would threaten the stability of regimes like Musharraf in Pakistan and the Saudis in Saudi Arabia. It is -- absolutely the worst possible thing we could do at this point would be to validate and encourage the terrorists by doing exactly what they want us to do, which is to leave."
The only difference is, he was talking about Democrats, claiming that American Liberals "validate" and "encourage" terrorism. F---ing Twit. One must then assume that Cheney considers the Iraqi Government to be a terrorist organization, because they want us to leave too. Hmm ...

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