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Steve Young writes a chapter for Coulter

For the sequel to Ann Coulter's Godless (aptly termed by Greg Palast, Gutless), a special chapter penned by LA Times columnist Steve Young. If Ann Coulter can slander the 9/11 widows on television and in print, who not carry on that train of logic? It makes perfect sense to me.

An excerpt from The Huffington Post ...

Chapter 12 - Like We're Supposed To Care?

I have never seen children enjoying their incurable diseases so much.

It seems to be all the rage for witches of want with a so-called "terrible illness" to try and turn their maladies into some sort of whining, cause-celeb begathon for medicines and research to cure their condition or relieve their pain.

Okay, you have an irreversible disease. So did Al Capone. It doesn't make you some martyr.


A disease is medical condition. It deserves a medical professional's response. But these kids and parents cut commercials against second hand smoke or air pollution. It's bad enough that we have to hear Al Gore doing an Ed Begley in the Ciniplex and blather on about his sister's death. Do we also have to see sick children on the screen while I'm trying to eat?

What these kids and their parents are doing is ruining everything America stands for. You wonder why they aren't rolling their hospital beds up to Canada to wait in line with the rest of the draft-dodgers.

It makes me want to throw up even more than I want to already.

John Murtha should only be a terminally-ill child, then maybe we can get on with winning this war.

Chapter 13: Being A Good Christian.

The power of Christ compells you to ... Read The Rest.

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