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Woodward: Bush lies, covers up truth of war

I want this new book. It is called "State of Denia: Bush at War part III", by famed Washington Post Watergate reporter Bob Woodward. Here's a few key points ...
The Administration is not telling the truth about the state of Iraq. Attacks against American soldiers in Iraq occur every 15 minutes. There are over 900 attacks a week. Over 100 per day. More than four an hour. And the situation is getting worse by the minute.

Bush and Cheney meet with Henry Kissinger frequently. Kissenger was Nixon's Sec. of State. Woodward says Kissinger is trying to fight Vietnam all over again. Vietraq? Uh-huh.

According to Woodward, Bush told a group of high-ranking Republicans in the Oval Office, "I will not withdraw, even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." [Unfortunately for Bush, his dog Barney is a Methodist, and withdrew his support of the war several weeks ago.]
And I'm sure there is much, much more. Woodward's previous book, "Bush at War", was fantastic, informative, and very fair, in my opinion. I would hope this book is up to the same standard.

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