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Support Dr. Asama Salam!

From The Dallas Peace Center ...
Dr Asma Salam, a Dallas Peace Center Board Member, is currently holding a vigil every Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm in front of the Earl Cabell Federal Building Downtown in support of the Hazahza family.

The Hazahza family's situation in complicated but in a nut shell the familly immigrated legally with visas and applied for asylum, they were denied asylum and ordered deported to either Jordan or Palestine. Both counties denied visas to the familly.
The entire family was arrested, althought the mother and youngest child were released the father and older children remain in the Rolling Plains Detention Facility in Haskell. This facility is run by a private contractor and is notorious for it's deplorable contitions.

The US Magistrate has ruled that the family is being illigaly held. However, recent legislation passed in the name of "National Security" has striped the Magistrate of his ability to force INS to release the family.

Support Dr Salam! She has left her job and committed to bringing attention to this horrific situation. Go to the Earl Cabell Federal Building at 1100 Commerce Street any weekday to keep her company, or bring her food (no pork please). You can help this couragous women, and this family which is being illigaly held, just by showing up!
Trish Major of The Dallas Peace Center sends along a few minor corrections to this post. She said ...
"She did not leave her job to do the vigil. She is a research scientist and the funding for her latest contract happened to run out at this time. She does not want people to bring her food. And the department holding the family is ICE, not INS, which was dissolved when Homeland Security was invented and started making things even more complicated."
In sum: Support Dr. Asama Salam! This is an issue of the greatest concern to us all.


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