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"Impeach"? Is that a fruit from Parker County?

Hey kiddos! Your faithful Muckraker has another piece in the Ft. Worth Weekly that hit newsstands yesterday. Scope this ...

In far-flung parts of our great land — admittedly, the more foreign parts, like California and Vermont — there is a homegrown movement afoot to (Warning: if you read the following words, Homeland Security officers may show up on your doorstep) impeach the Shrub. The grassroots types aren’t the only ones with this thought, of course: At least one book has been written about it, and conversation about the idea is all over the web. Action on the topic, however, has not been all over Congress, so the activists have turned to another venue to make their point: They are asking city councils to pass resolutions endorsing the removal of both George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. About 85 cities have passed it, including Detroit, Santa Cruz, and Woodstock. In alphabetical order, Fort Worth would have fit on the list of impeachment-friendly cities somewhere between Ferndale, Mich., and Grafton, Vt.

But, c’mon, do you really think an oil-and-gas baron mayor serving on a conservative city council nestled in a Republican stronghold smack dab in the Bible Belt is going to support impeaching the president and vice president, even after they’ve spat on the Constitution, lied about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, snubbed U.S. traditions to start a pre-emptive war, allowed domestic wiretapping and surveillance of Americans without warrants, and ordered indefinite detentions of people without charges or access to attorneys? Still, miracles happen. So a small collection of Green Party members and Code Pink activists descended on council chambers last Thursday, resolution in hand.

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