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The New Revolutionary

My interview with Immortal Technique is on the streets. We've titled it "The New Revolutionary", and its on the cover of this week's Lone Star Iconoclast ...

Here's an excerpt ...
ICONOCLAST: "This paper, The Lone Star Iconoclast, is the paper of Crawford, Texas, home to everyone’s favorite politician. I can’t say for sure if the President reads it – I understand he’s not a fan of written words – but who knows? Maybe secret service guys pick it up on lunch break. With that in mind, if you could sit across a table from George W. Bush and Dick Cheney in some secret bunker in an undisclosed location ... What would you tell those men? What would you ask them?"

TECHNIQUE: (sighs) "I wouldn’t start out cursing. Most people I know probably would. I would sit down and talk to them rationally about their neo-con philosophy. I would discuss the theories of Leo Strauss, which I think are flawed in many ways. I’d ask them about the amount of influence the neo-con movement has had, and how they find the way that we’re treating people in other countries conducive with the message of Jesus Christ.

"That one would be more for Bush, ‘cause he’s a quote-unquote ‘believer.’ Then he’d have to go sit at the baby table so me and Dick Cheney could talk business. We’d have to send him to the kiddie table with the baby carrots and all that shit, and his little juicy juice. Then me and Richard Cheney, we would have ourselves a little conversation about his voting record as a member of the House."
Read the rest ...


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