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Chicago HS students threatened over protest

Berwyn school district in Chicago, Ill. is getting taught a lesson by its students and their parents. When students staged a sit-in protest of the war in Iraq and the presence of military recruiters on the campus, the school flipped a nut and accused the group of "gross disobedience and mob activity."

The school board is trying to impose suspensions, and in some cases, expulsions, on students who participated in exercising their first amendment right. Ironically (or -- per my high school experience in Brenham, Texas -- as expected), students with high GPA's, or who participated in varsity-level sports, were given lesser punishments.

Now the parents are pissed, and picketing the school board along with their kids. As the district accepts money from the federal government for allowing Army recruiters access to the students to provide flesh-fodder for the death machine, people all around Chicago, and indeed all over the world, are taking note of this outright hypocrisy.

It just goes to show that a small group of determined people really can do something. Hopefully that something includes someone losing their job over this insult to the free people of the United States.

There's a video here.


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