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Alberto - Fan of torture, pie

Okay class. Settle down.

Our favorite friends from the FOX News channel have a short presentation to give. Pay attention. There will be a pop quiz on this tomorrow.

"Journalists" E.D. Hill and Steve Doocy want you all to know that Alberto Gonzales, the man who said it is okay to torture people as long as they aren't wearing uniforms, is a big fan of pie. And that, children, is all you need to know.

Click the picture for the video. Transcript below.

E.D. HILL: Ok. And finally, we were talking about this state pies. I don’t believe Texas has one. Florida is changing from key lime to pecan pie –

STEVE DOOCY: Yeah, maybe, it’s a big debate.

HILL: Now shouldn’t Texas lay claim to the pecan pie?

GONZALES: Oh, I’ll tell you, I’ve eaten some great — both key lime pie and pecan pie in Texas.

DOOCY: Are you a – if I can ask you a personal question – are you sir, a pie a la mode man, do you prefer ice cream on the top or do you prefer whipped cream?

GONZALES: I’m not a whipped cream fan. I like good old blue bell vanilla ice cream from Texas.

HILL: The best. Ok, well, there’s an answer — thank you.

DOOCY: Alberto Gonzales, the attorney general of the United States and a confessed pie lover.

Wasn't this guy in front of the Senate not too long ago being grilled about, oh what was it ... UNCONSTITUTIONAL DOMESTIC SPYING? But, yes, pie is good.



... Bastards.

Many thanks to the watchdogs at Think Progress.

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