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MySpace definitely censoring me and others

Alright, this is just too much of a coincidence.

The Associate Editor of The Lone Star Iconoclast, Nathan Diebenow, can no longer post to MySpace forums. The "post this topic" button has been removed. He sent some info to me on the biggest immigration myths, but I cannot view his message. I got a bunch of friend requests, many of them student activists, immigration activists and 9/11 Truth-ers, and I am not able to approve their requests.

Three days ago I got a friend request from a student activist group that has been organizing protests of the new immigration bill. I approved the request. When I tried to put this profile into my "top eight," it no longer existed.

Better still, I cannot post the story about the exploding human bio-weapons to The League of Gonzo Journalists. It gives me a preview of the topic, but takes me to the Forums Index every time I click submit.

The Fox News barron is censoring political content on MySpace in an attempt to disrupt the overpowering wave of activism that such a powerful networking tool has brought to the masses of pissed off students.

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