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Okay, I'm convinced ... sort of

I am convinced that one of two things have happened ...

1.) Most people (by an overwhelming margin) believe there is an ongoing government cover up of the events of September 11, 2001.

2.) A lot of people are, and they are highly organized and connected and are currently conducting an activist-charged poll campaign to influence major media. AND THAT IS STILL A POSITIVE THING. Even if they are not in the "true" majority (whatever the hell that is), they have just piqued the first television reporting on some very painful questions.

If they are right in some of their further reaching assumptions - bearing in mind that there are several schools of thought at play, and more than a few trojan horses of disinformation - that would explain why the Pentagon's Operation Talon considers the Internet to be an enemy stronghold. Google is right to fight Big Brother and the Justice Department. All the other major search engines handed over their databases hapily. But today I learned that Google did not list the story about Charlie Sheen lending some sort of celebrity to 9/11 Truth. Only after a concentrated web media feeding frenzy did the "Don't be Evil" company list what it seems 2/3rds of the web (and hundreds of thousands on MySpace) is talking about.

I've been amassing research quite obsessively for the past three days. There is an absolute deluge of data to sort through, but I am absorbing as much as I can. I am developing a number of opinions about the "movement" it's self, but I'll save that for the columns. This series of articles may take some time.

Among other things, I do believe that both World Trade Center towers went down in a planned demolition. They were full of explosives.

I consider that to be a fact. With said assumption comes so many more questions than my puny little existence can handle. True, there are factions that point the finger at Bush, at Cheney, at Rumsfield, Wolfowitz ... Even Israel. There is a lot of misinformation, as I said. But I cannot consider this to be a partisan issue. There is scientific proof of previously planted explosives in three NY buildings, and only two were hit by jets.

Why do you think those firefighters charged in so blindly? Why did the FBI confiscate tapes of the first responders' radio transmissions? The answer is right in front of you. But it just brings up more questions.

Obviously, the firefighters who died that day went in after orders that they would attack the fires from several angles. No steel frame building has ever gone down from fires melting its support frame. No fuel gets hot enough to drop that tower straight down. The firefighters knew what they were doing. They train for this exact thing. But there was an extra suprise in the building. They charged in, the towers came down. Their deaths are not forgotten.

Beyond this, I am not sure what the truth is. But I have swallowed the red pill, so to speak. I "officially" do not believe the government's version of what happened on 9/11. I do not give a f--k about Charlie Sheen, but he did a brave thing to lend his celebrity to this cause and give it more visibility. I am ashamed that it took a "movie star" to bring this to light. Regardless, the facts of Professor Stephen E. Jones' paper, "Why indeed did the WTC buildings collapse" really speak for themselves.

If you simply refuse to see it, sitting so plainly before you, then do not bother clicking the link below. You'll see victims of the attacks and New Yorkers closest to the towers collapse who all claim to have seen and heard explosions in the buildings. You can close your ears and eyes and mind, and pretend that this horrible, terrorizing rabbit-hole is not sucking at you like a Hoover vaccuum ... But eventually, the majority will hear the truth. I believe this is just the start. Foreshadowing. A sign of things to come.

Our national debate has shuffled to the edge of a cliff. We are about to plundge headlong into darkness, and we're not quite sure what we will find. This will become a partisan shouting match in less than a week, I promise you that. But if I've reached you before O'Reilly or Caulter or O'Hannity, or any of the shills, the demagaugs of the mainstream media, please know that these questions must be asked. Politics and truth are two wholly seperate things.

If you are of an open mind, and believe that once in a while governments (locally and in greater Americana and the rest of the world) lie, watch this 40 minute film ...

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