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The only answer is drugs. Lots of drugs.

This is subtle, but creepy. Watch this video ...

Did you see the twitch? His head jumped to the right, and his shoulder came up. It looked involuntary, didn't it? That was unnatural. And this is not the first time. Bush's little 'tics' have been widely noted, especially after the nomination of Harriet Meyers.

Here is video evidence of Bush's relentlessly twitching jaw.
(QickTime format - Download QuickTime.)

Pardon me for suggesting it, but the only time I have ever seen someone do that is after coccain or methamphetamine use. And I've been around drug people ... This man has his finger on "the button," so to speak, and he cavorts in front of the press like he is a drug addict?

Just what the hell is going on here?

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