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Approval rating of the Republican Congress just 22 percent

NBC/Wall Street Journal put out a new poll today.

Basically, everyone hates Republicans. Well, almost everyone. An excerpt ...
According to the poll, just 22 percent approve of the job Congress is doing, a drop of 11 points since March. “That’s a lot of movement in a four- to six-week period,” says McInturff, the GOP pollster, who attributes the drop to a sharp decline in approval by Republican respondents.
HOWEVER, this is found in the paragraphs below ...
Asked to rank the top one or two reasons for their disapproval of Congress, 44 percent say they are tired of Democrats and Republicans fighting with each other, 36 percent say Congress doesn’t seem to get that much done, and 34 percent say members are corrupt and unethical.

How will that anger play out in November’s midterm elections? Forty-five percent of registered voters say they prefer Democrats controlling Congress, compared with 39 percent who say they want Republicans in charge. That six-point Democratic advantage, however, is smaller than the 13-point advantage Democrats held in March or the nine-point advantage they had in January.

People have really come to hate the fake parties. When both arms are connected to the same body, you have no real choice in who picks you up/knocks you down. I read a poll earlier today (wish I'd saved the link) that projected less than 21 percent of the country voting for a Republican, and less than 30 percent of the country voting for a Democrat, if an Independent or Third-Party candidate were to step up in 2008 with a clear focus on border security.

The time has come. Which third party will make a power play? We need one, desperately. This double-headed dragon shit is not working. I'm a liberal, but I'd be more than happy to support a strong, non-party moderate, even if I disagree with much of that person's platform. ANYTHING to break this collusive monopoly that has gripped our system of politics.

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