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Truth, in the form of Hip-Hop

I've been putting in quite a bit of time on MySpace.com, the uber-popular social networking service that seems to be all the rage among college-age dissenters. You know, my people. It has turned me on to several artists, most importantly a guy named Immortal Technique. His albums, Revolutionary Voumes 1 and 2, light a fire in my soul. It is hard to describe.

He just came out with this music video, featuring Emenim (who I officially like because of this) and Mos Def, one of NYC's most tallented hip-hop artists. Previously unknown down here in Texas, this guy has outright refued to sign record contracts or be censored, and he is using the internet to become the next big thing. Brace yourself for this one. You will never see it on television. Here's some truth in the form of hip-hop ...

CENSORED MUSIC VIDEO: Immortal Technique - Bin Laden Remix

Earlier today -- first thing this morning, actually -- a friend sent the following music video to me. Public Enemy has stepped up once again, and this time their message is not one of guns, drugs and violence. They've broken through, and now practice an enlightened form of politically conscious hip-hop. It isn't quite Immortal Technique, but it sure as hell got censored. See what MTV won't show you ...

Censored Music Video: Public Enemy - Son of a Bush

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