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MySpace censors "War on the Internet" story

MySpace has just censored my respost of The Sunday Herald's story about the Pentagon's plans to conduct a war against the internet.

I attempted to post the article to my discussion forum, "The League of Gonzo Journalists." After pressing the post button, it took me to the forums index. Normally I get a confirmation of the post. I tried the MySpace Democrats forum. Same thing. I tried "Underground Annonymous." No dice. Same result on the "Knowledge is power ... Feed your Mind" forum. Ditto for the forum "9/11 Truth." Censored as well on "Will Rupert Murdoch Shut This Thing Down?" and "Truthout."

I've got butterflies in my gut.

I just found a way to post the story ... sort of. I've been passing the following around through MySpace forums --

There is a push from the Pentagon to dominate the internet through heavy censorship and psy-ops to control your mind. This is no Alex Jones conspiracy shit. It is real. Follow the link above. I am working on a further investigation.

I am not crazy or kidding. Read the story at the link above, I am begging you! It has been censored all across MySpace. This is the only way I can pass it on -- by removing "keywords" and the html to make the above link work. MySpace censorship is real, and very soon it will become endemic to the Internet.
It seems as though the system is sensitive to html code and active links. I did not include a link to the Sunday Herald's piece, not did I go into any detail about the program. Somehow, I've got the story through. I am not sure what the keywords were that triggered it, or if they have simply black-listed that link ... But this blog just updated, so I bet they haven't spotted it yet.

We'll see. I'm going to keep posting the above message. If it stops going through at some point, I'll have a better grasp of how this beast works.

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