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Yeah, I'll give you an appology

So, everyone in D.C. is freaking out over this morning's Washington Post bombshell (good for them). Basically, we're looking at incontrovertible truth that Bush, Cheney, and the rest of the fiends lied. They lied to start a war, and have killed over a hundred thousand innocent people. Isn't that a sinking feeling? I mean, just saying it, trying to wrap my mind around the utter horror. It is a hard thing to accept.

I remember watching All The President's Men. I watched it again about two weeks ago. Very good movie -- an even better true story. One of the things I found most striking about it: when the Watergate stories really picked up steam and began hitting about as hard as this one did today, the first thing members of the Administration did was to demand an appology from the Post. They ballyhooed and grandstanded and thumped their flabby tits right up until hours before the rats started jumping ship en masse.

This same thing happened with CBS' Edward R. Murrow went after Senator McCarthy. And that was before the Nixon revolution. Just watch Good Night and Good Luck. It is the best film of 2005, if you ask me.

Well, I came back from lunch today and found a rather striking story crossing the wire. Check out the latest classic bit of wit and wisdom from America's own "Chemical Ali," White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan (excerpt from a White House press briefing earlier today, via Think Progress) ...

You know, I saw some reporting talking about how this latest revelation — which is not something that is new; this is all old information that’s being rehashed — was an embarrassment for the White House. No, it’s an embarrassment for the media that is out there reporting this.

I brought up with some of you earlier today some of the reporting that was based of this Washington Post report. And I talked to one of network about it…they expressed their apologies to the White House.

I hope they will go and publicly apologize on the air about the statements that were made, because I think it is important given that they had made those statements in front of all their viewers. So we look forward to that happening as well.

Yes, you read correctly. No denial. Tit thumping. Grandstanding.

The ship is sinking. Man overboard! The rats are already bailing out.

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