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Burgess. Congressman Burgess. Likes to Spy.

Given recent news, I thought this might be appropriate to re-post. I made this photo illustration a while back after I was regaled by my Congressman at how wonderful Bush's spying program is. Well, it isn't, and people are pissed off. Americans do not take so well to the creation of a privatized KGB.

Stay the F ... hell ... out of my computer. Stay off my Godda ... darn ... phone. And for the love of FREEDOM its self, keep out of my garbage you ba ... male children unloved by your parents.


Perhaps this will be an effective tool. Click the enlarge.

I'm saying it now and thru election day: Barnwell for Congress, Texas District 26. Call it an endorsement if you want, but we've got to get this dingbat Bush-hound out.


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