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Judge: Govt. spying rules "Gobbledygook"

Ah, finally, some common sense from the judiciary on Bush's spying programs.
Judge calls 'Net wiretap rules 'gobbledygook'
The Associated Press
May 5, 2006

WASHINGTON - A U.S. appeals court panel challenged the Bush administration Friday over new rules making it easier for the police and the FBI to wiretap phone calls made over the Internet. One judge told the government that its courtroom arguments were "gobbledygook" and suggested its lawyer return to his office and "have a big chuckle."
The skepticism expressed so openly toward the government's case during a hearing in the U.S. Circuit Court for the District of Columbia emboldened a broad group of civil liberties and education groups, which argued that the government improperly applied telephone-era rules to Internet services.
"Your argument makes no sense," Judge Harry Edwards told the lawyer for the Federal Communications Commission, Jacob Lewis. "When you go back to the office, have a big chuckle. I'm not missing this. This is ridiculous."
At another point in the hearing, Edwards told the lawyer his arguments were "gobbledygook" and "nonsense."
The court's decision is expected within several months.

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