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The Horrible, Horrible, Horrible, Horrible Truth

Greetings, all. This Webster Retort is a doozy.

This week, I wrote about Depleted Uranium. The text of the print version is below. But I warn you -- DO NOT CLICK THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM UNLESS YOU ARE SITTING.

Prepare yourself for this one. It is intense. But the truth shall be told, and the people WILL know. That much, and ONLY that much, is certain.

The Webster Retort
By Stephen Webster
Investigative Reporter
Publication date: Never
Publication: N/A (censored)

The Horrible, Horrible, Horrible, Horrible Truth

“Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

-- Henry Kissinger, quoted in “Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POW’s in Vietnam by Monika Jenson-Stevenson and William Stevenson.

I’m sure that many of you remember the scourge of the Vietnam era, otherwise known as Agent Orange. This defoliant was sprayed from the air onto Vietnam’s jungle canopy, literally rotting plant matter in mere hours. It had a dark side, though. Many of our own soldiers and innocent Vietnamese civilians were exposed to this chemical weapon, and America has been dealing with the repercussions ever since. It caused widespread cancer, mutated births, and diseases not previously known to science, not to mention diabetes, chronic skin rashes and other life long health problems.

The case can be argued, successfully, that over 1,000,000 people have fallen ill or died as a direct or indirect result of Agent Orange exposure. The U.S. military has discontinued its use of this weapon under the rules of the Geneva Convention, an international treaty that, per the U.S. Constitution its self, carries just as much weight as any law created by our Congress. Well, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield don’t really like the Geneva Convention. But you knew that.

From the brutal, homoerotic machinations of torture ordered by our Secretary of Defense to the use of White Phosphorus, an internationally banned chemical weapon that literally melts human skin, these guys are simply tearing the treaty to shreds, and taking hundreds of thousands of lives with them. Sick, isn’t it? It gets so much worse.

Depleted Uranium. Do you know what it is? You should.

DU is the Trojan horse of the nuclear age. DU is a radioactive heavy metal, obtained by the refinement of uranium in atomic energy plants. When used in military-grade munitions, it is utterly devastating. It is, quite literally, the most powerful weapon America has in its arsenal … Next to, of course, the A-bomb it’s self. By the U.S. Government’s own measuring stick, it is a weapon of mass destruction. But for some reason, that doesn’t matter to these people.

Make no mistake; I have the utmost respect for our men in uniform. I have no right or intent to criticize them, for they possess a bravery that I do not. They are on the front lines, breathing this stuff and coming home sick, only to be denied VA benefits and proper health care.

DU is in our tank rounds, our missiles, and bullets. It is the best of the best – a superior weapon for a superior fighting force. It has been used since the first Gulf War back in 1991. Today, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 518,739 “Gulf era veterans” are on medical disability. Fourteen years later, the ugly truth has reared its head, blowing the lid off a cover-up perpetrated by three – yes, three – administrations.

DU is a death sentence, for you, me, your children, our men in women in Iraq, and Iraq’s forgotten civilians. It eradicates, exterminates and utterly devastates any living human, as well as their children, and their children’s children. Clouds of toxic radiation that billowed up from Iraq after the perverse “Shock and Awe” campaign have been detected as far away as London. And now, our boys are coming home with malignancies. In fact, over 1,000,000 people have been exposed to DU since 1991. Its effects, in photographic form, are the most horrifying atrocity I have ever seen.

I encourage you to visit TheNewsConnection.com [censored] and click on this week’s column, at the bottom-right of the front page. There I have posted a link to a series of photographs taken of innocent Iraqi newborns whose parents were poisoned by DU. Their unending pain and suffering will chill your soul. Their tiny, warped, mutated bodies will make you seriously reconsider your world view. But I warn you, it is not for the weak of mind, heart or stomach.

Get the facts about DU before your own son or daughter comes home bearing its signature; before your beautiful grandchild is born a terrifying effigy of nature run afoul. Know the truth of what these so-called “leaders” have done, not just to Iraq, not just to our troops, but to the world as we know it. Remember the “Gulf War babies”?

There’s a million more on the way.

Be mad. Be very, very, very mad. And for the love of everything sacred, hold these people accountable in November! This is NOT a partisan issue.


Here is the link I was talking about. Again, do not click it unless you are fully prepared. A friend of mine made a poster out of these images and took it to the protests in Crawford. When Cindy Sheehan saw it, she literally screamed and stumbled backwards. Most sane people will react in the same manor. It is not a pretty sight.

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