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Iowa GOP Rep - Iraq safer than Washington D.C.

Meet Representative Steve King, an Iowa Republican whose feet no longer touch the ground.

Today, in Congress, Mr. King insisted that his wife would be safer in Iraq than she is in Washington D.C.
"27.51 Iraqis per 100,000 die a violent death on an annual basis. 27.51," he claimed. "Now what does that mean? To me, it really doesn’t mean a lot until I compare it to people that I know or have a feel for the rhythm of this place. Well I by now have a feel for the rhythm of this place called Washington, D.C., and my wife lives here with me, and I can tell you, Mr. Speaker, she’s at far greater risk being a civilian in Washington, D.C. than an average civilian in Iraq. 45 out of every 100,000 Washington, D.C. regular residents die a violent death on an annual basis."
Unfortunately, Mr. King is a liar and a fraud.

95 of every 100,000 Iraqis die by murder - be it related to the war or otherwise. King called this "violent death." The company that came up with this statistic, The Brookings Institution (found here), says that figure is "too low since many murder victims are never taken to the morgue, but buried quickly and privately and therefore never recorded in official tallies."

But if you believe Bush, only 30,000 Iraqis have died since the war started.

If you believe Rep. King, the whole of Iraq is safer than one small metropolitan city in America.

If you believe the truth, you know that over 300,000 have died in this war, and the next four generations of Iraqis will be born with mortifying birth defects due to Depleted Uranium munitions. And it will affect the children of DU-poisoned American soldiers as well.

Saddam Husane was a tyrant and a dictator. Under his rule, nearly 20,000 innocent people died every year, on his orders.

George W. Bush is our President. Since he took control of Iraq, an estimated 100,000 people have died every year, on his orders.

Now you be The Decider - which is worse?

And if Rep. King somehow thinks that his wife would be safer in Iraq than in Washington D.C., why hasn't he moved his whole family there?

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