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Is the NSA spying on you?

How to: Determine if your Internet traffic is being spied upon by the NSA

Here's a way to determine if your web traffic is hopping across a network owned the world's largest telecommunications company, AT&T, and being dumped into an NSA database.

It is likely, however, that MOST Internet traffic does pass through Big Brother's gaze. However, so far the only company that is confirmed to have established at least a dozen spy offices is AT&T. If you run this simple command, you can determine if your data hopped across an AT&T network. If it did, there is a 100 percent chance that the content you requested via your web browser was recorded and placed into a government database.

If you are running a Windows machine, open the Command Prompt. (Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> Command Prompt)

Type in "tracert" (without "quotation marks"), press the space bar, and enter a website domain name. Any website will work. An example of your command line ...

C:\Documents and Settings\Computer User Name>tracert gonzomuckraker.blogspot.com

Here is an example of the results ...

Click image for full view

What you are looking for is the line sffca.ip.att.net. If it is above or below any non-AT&T server trace, you've just been CC'ed to the NSA.

You can run this test on any website.

With Big Brother stepping so hard on the Fourth Amendment as he is, you can never be too careful. So watch your e-Back, okay?

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