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'X' Marks the Spot?

I just spotted this strange collection of trails in the Flower Mound sky. I jumped out of my car in a gas station parking lot off 2499 and counted at least six very high-flying aircraft that appeared to be spraying whatever this is into the sky. (Not pictured: at least a half dozen smaller lines.)

These do not appear to be normal condensation trails left over from commercial airliners, but I am no expert. However, the trails are much higher up than even the passing clouds, and appear to be made up of something quite dense, given that it is taking a really long time for them to dissapate. This is unusual.

**Update ...
Doing some reading on the 'net. There is a group of conspiracy theorists that have dubbed these lines "chemtrails." While wading through the mass of paranoid babbling ("The New World Order is trying to keep you from becoming a higher spiritual being by poisoning our air!"), I came across some actual reporting on the topic in the The Las Vegas Tribune. I also found a very interesting report from a Los Angeles television station.

My guess - the U.S. government, much like the Chineese government, is trying to affect the weather by engeenering clouds. Beijing can produce rain on demand by firing small missles into the upper atmosphere. So, maybe Uncle Sam just wants to keep up with the Jonses.

In fact, our own Senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison, sponsored a bill, presented last year, to allow research and development of weather modification.

But what exactly are they spraying? And to what ends? It seems as though I am not the only one asking such questions. If this is a government operation, the public has a right to know about it.

So, what is up with this giant 'X' over Flower Mound? I'll be making some phone calls.

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