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Hold on just a second!

I do not know Kurt Maynard.

But he liked my article about SFC Donald Buswell. However, before this comes back on me or anyone involved with this story, I do not approve some of the statements he made in this article.

I specifically take issue with this:
It’s a lot like the Mel Gibson case, according to a Fox News poll, more than eighty percent of Americans literally don’t care what Gibson said about the Jews, but we’ve been forced to hear what the Jewish media thinks about him every day over the last three weeks.

I loathe the Jewish state, recognize it for what it is, a terrorist state, and will never support them.
I do not agree with his statements regarding Israel, and I do not wish to be associated with such speech. I'm glad he liked my article about this soldier being investigated for dissent, but the tangent on Israel is a little much. I just want to get out ahead of this and state, for the record, I do not second this sentiment.

That's all.

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