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A defining moment for America

Bush just signed legislation declaring him above our laws, granting him exclusive powers to indefinitely detain and torture American citizens - up to and including the mutilation of a child's genitals in order to extract information from his or her parents (something that has already happened according to Investigative Reporter Seymour Hersh).

As mortifying as this certainly is, we are not done FIGHTING. If we leave now, they win. If we back down and do not get out in the streets, they win. If we abandon all hope, THEY WIN.


Join me and many others in the streets on Oct. 5. A large group of us will be staging a protest at the offices of Congressman Michael C. Burgess - Corporate Drive and I35E in Lewisville - from 2 p.m. through 6 p.m.

If you need a map, you can find one here.

If we are to save this nation from its self, we must get out into the streets. Now.

If you cannot make it to Lewisville on the 5th, just go to a highly trafficked area of your town, or to your county's courthouse, or to your city hall. Sit down and raise your sign. Participate in civil disobedience. GET ARRESTED, if you are prepared to do so.

I know it is a frightening prospect. But if we still believe that we are a good and decent people who respect the rule of law, we must. It is our duty. We are being called to this action by the very soul of our nation, and if we back down now, we are just as fragile and weak as they claim us to be.

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