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Drug Policy?

Here's a video shot in 2003 at a high school in Goose Creek, South Carolina. A SWAT team raided the place and held students at gunpoint, all on a hunch that someone in the school had drugs.

They found no drugs. The principal of the school was forced to resign, and the cops were sued, and the plaintiff won. Here's why ...

Is this what our drug policy is becoming? Scenes like this will become commonplace should H.R. 5295 pass Congress tomorrow. Our great House of Representatives feels it is necessary to strip all students of their constitutional rights by giving police unfettered ability to conduct raids of this sort, all in the name of fighting the War on Drugs.

If you don't want to see more scenes like the video above, send your Congressman/woman a letter. It just takes a second. We don't need our schools turning into prisons.

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