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Things that creep me out

Here's something fishy, and most of you will rightly dismiss it as nonsense, but it made a big blip on my radar earlier today and I felt I had to share it ...

One of Hitler's favorite propaganda events was the "Cathedral of Light," which was evoked during the Nuremberg Rally in 1936. During the rally, Hitler said ...
We had no prayer but this during our long years of struggle: Lord, give our people peace at home and abroad! Our generation has experienced so much that it is understandable why we long for peace. We want to work, to build our Reich, to build it according to our ideas and not those of the Bolshevist Jews.
We want to work for the future of the children of our people, for a future that will not only be safe for them, but easier as well. We have so much behind us that we have only one request for a gracious and good Providence: "Spare our children that which we have gone through!"
Be upright and determined, fear no one and do your duty! If you do so, the Lord God will never leave our people. Heil Germany!

The whole scene looked like this ...

Here's what the Pentagon looked like just after nightfall on Sept. 11, 2006 ...

Strange, isn't it? I wonder what was going on in the center of that building.

I also wonder why the FBI has deemed video captured by 84 seperate cameras of whatever hit the Pentagon a "state secret," and thereby not releasing the footage to the public. I think it would do a great deal of good for them to put out crystal-clear video irrefutably showing a 757 slamming into the side of that building. It would at least quiet the quickly-growing 9/11 Truth Movement, which was all over C-SPAN, CNN and MSNBC this last weekend.

Instead they're pulling off a Hitler-esque show of lights on the 5th anniversary of the attack.

That creeps me out. I'm just saying ...

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