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The "If We Like You" strategy

I just got a solicitation for donations to the DCCC from Governor Howard Dean. The Democrats have what they're calling a "50 state strategy". I offered a response to the Governor. Hopefully he takes it to heart. Here's what I said ...
Governor Dean,

I appreciate the idea of a 50 state strategy. But it seems that is not the case. I would ask you to either include Texas in this, or rename the plan. You see, I live in the 26th Congressional District of Texas. Tim Barnwell is the nominee this election year, and he has yet to get a DIME of support from the DCCC. I believe he actually has a chance in this, an "unwinable" district.

The last Democrat to run here was Lico Reyes. He did not campaign at all. He got zero media. And in 2004, he attracted nearly 40 percent of the votes. To call TX-26 unwinable is defeatism, plain and simple. His opponent, Michael C. Burgess, has spent over $1 million this campaign season, but none of it was for his "campaign." He has been laundering the money to other Republicans, such as Katherine Harris, Duke Cunningham and Tom DeLay.

There is hope here. Don't you see it?

I hope the party will either live up to the 50 state strategy and support ALL the candidates, or re-name it to something better, like the "Swing States Only strategy," or the "If We Like You strategy". Both seem to better summarize the reality of your plan.

I'm still voting for a Democrat this year, but it isn't very nice to hang your own out to dry.

Stephen Webster
The News Connection

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