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The Doctor needs a Doctor!

Someone, get Doc. Burgess 30-cc's of Diebold voting machines, Stat! From the Tim Barnwell for Congress campaign ...

Last week, just as the Mark Foley scandal was starting to come out, our first district-wide random telephone poll was being conducted. As the numbers started to come in, we were pleasantly surprised at how well we’re doing. As we started this campaign, people told us that we had no chance to win, but with your help we’ve kept going.

Now thanks to you, and thanks to the Republicans’ own failed policy, you’ve got Michael Burgess on the ropes with only 44% of respondents saying they would probably or definitely vote for him. That’s pretty low for an incumbent. Our own numbers are not far behind that, and given the size of the undecided percentage, we can easily beat him, but we MUST turn out our vote.

On top of this, Tim Barnwell’s voters were 14% more likely to say they were definitely going to vote for him.

Can you believe it? Here we are from out of nowhere, having spent only a tiny fraction of what the Republicans have, and there is a darn good chance we’ll have Democratic representation in Washington in January!

The letter I just got goes on to ask for money, just like any political mailing. And he does need it, so I encourage you, dear reader, to do whatever you feel lead by your heart to do.

The point is, this "safe" Republican Congressional district has just been put into play. It seems 'apathy' is actually not the Denton GOP's greatest opponent.

The good folks over at D Magazine know what's up. And Publisher Wick Allison mentions Congressman Burgess, among others, in his list of RINO's (Republicans In Name Only) in Dallas CEO. You've gotta watch those earmarks!

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