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John Ashcroft has an amusing hobby

John Ashcroft, aka "Mr. Patriot Act," "Mr. 'The Lady Justice statue is lewd; cover her breast right away,'" and "Mr. I lost an election in my home state to a guy who died two months earlier," has some really interesting hobbies. One hobby, which he disclosed to Deborah Solomon, Q&A columnist with the New York Times Magazine, is of particular interest.

From today's Editor & Publisher ...
Defending the president’s policy on torture, he says, “I think there is a very sound argument for saying that those who violate the Geneva Conventions should not benefit from its provisions.” When Solomon reminds him that that the U.S. stands for rights for all, he answers, “Well, we have guaranteed many rights to the prisoners.”

Speaking of which: Ashcroft reveals that his artistic leanings go beyond music. He also makes “barbed-wire sculpture,” he says (you can't make this stuff up).

Ashcroft also suggests the American Civil Liberties Union opposed the Patriot Act partly to make money and add members.
I am sure Ashcroft's rendition of the Statue of Liberty, translated through the fine medium of barbed wire, is simply breath-taking.

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