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Pelosi can't stop justice

Or, at least I hope she can't.

Why do I say this? Because she has pledged that if Democrats retake the House, Impeaching Bush is "off the table."

Oh, hell no.

It is our duty to remove the despot. That's not just petty revenge. That's restoring the constitution and making sure no person ever becomes the King of America.

Or maybe she wouldn't mind her good friend Hillary Clinton, who supported the Military Commissions Act, having that sort of wide-reaching power. The power of a King.

How do you feel about that, my Republican friends? Do you want Hillary Clinton having the power to detain without charge? The power to torture? The power to spirit away anyone at any time for reasons known only to her? I certainly do not. (Then again, I'm adamantly opposed to Hilary to begin with - who needs dynastic rule?)

And now, the cold reality starts setting in.

Forget about you, Pelosi. The Democrats do not represent me. But Goddamnit, they're the only alternative right now, and just 20 minutes ago I cast several votes for Democratic candidates. Pelosi can posture all she wants. But once liberals sweep back into power, you can bet I'll be calling and writing, demanding we restore our constitutional democracy.

No more of this military dictatorship. Nuh-uh. Pelosi, if you want to run and hide from your duties, I'm sure someone else in the House will step up.

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