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Burgess playing politics with our security

I think it is safe to say, we all remember this:

Indeed, it would be impossible to forget such a thing.

It has been six years since Sept. 11, and we're just now, FINALLY getting around to implementing the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. That is downright shameful. Congressman Burgess and his buddies did a great job of making sure we moved backwards while GOP had the reigns.

But this is just absurd.

The 9/11 Commission Recommendations Act is not something to play partisan politics with!

Sixty-eight of his colleagues recognized that, and split ranks to vote with the Democrats, who supported the bill unanimously. It would seem to make sense, right?

Why then, in God's name, did Congressman Burgess vote against House Resolution 1, implementing the 9/11 Commission Recommendations Act?

(I ALMOST hate to stoop so low as to use the English language in the same ways it was used against myself and other "Liberals" over the past six years, but I'll do it just this one time to get it out of my system.)

(I love this picture. Tom DeLay throws such strange parties.)

Gee, Congressman. One might think that you and your party wants another major attack like 9/11. After all, your party was never so powerful as it was on the morning of September 12. You're kinda thinkin', maybe its time to dip into that well a little more? Maybe we should play a game of patty-cake with the 9/11 Commission Recommendations Act?

Reaaaaal good one there, Chief. Thanks a lot.

How funny. The very first bill passed by the new Congress deals with enhancing our security AND protecting our privacy, yet you vote against it ... But still support mass warrantless wiretaps? (A felony, you know.)

Shameful. Utterly pathetic. This isn't go along to get along anymore, Mikey. Shape up, vote right, and we just might keep you around. But keep on sucking at the teat of partisanship and you're going to get snuffed out; if not by a Democrat, then by Mr. Tan Parker. He's gunnin' for you, and his best pal and largest financial backer, former House Speaker Dick Armey, isn't exactly a fan.

(An aside - And after seeing this, neither are any of your constituents in favor of fiscal responsibility.)

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