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MySpace is just a series of tubes

This guy ...

... has put forward a bill to ban Wikipedia and MySpace, along with every other social networking website, in libraries and schools all over the U.S. This is supposedly a way of "protecting the children" from predators, much like the mandatory data retention bill put forward by other Congressional Republicans.

They're calling it the revival of the "law and order" agenda. I did not live through the 70's, but I know what the "law and order" agenda is code for: War on Freedom.

I see this as more of a police state tactic; a push to empower the all-seeing-eye of the Department of Total Information Awareness.

I truly hope both bills fail. But in the mean time, let's just bask in the absurdity of Senator Stevens' logical explanation of these here Internets ...

The actual "series of tubes" speech ...

The "series of tubes" speech, remix edition ...

So please, people, please. Remember, the Internets are not something that you can just dump something on. Its not a big truck. Its a series of tubes.

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