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Another break-in

Wow! The second break-in at a Democratic headquarters in less than a month ...

On Saturday night, the office of Communications Director Nick Kimball of the Minnesota DFL was burglarized.

This time, intruder(s) stole a key laptop, neglecting to pick up other items of value, such as a digital video camera and other computers nearby.

I wonder what that could mean?

"Gosh, I hope there isn't any political espionage going on."

"Gee. I hope so too. You would have thought our thug-like friends in the GOP had learned their lesson back during Nixon's day."

"Wul shucks, I really do hope so, I do-I do ..."

Let's not hold our breath, eh?

I'm sure we'll be hearing about this, and last month's break-in at the New Hampshire headquarters, quite a bit more in the very near future.


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