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Pick up a DMN today

Page 10A of The Dallas Morning News today reads ...

On the Mockingbird bridge over Central Expressway, Dallas police stopped rush-hour traffic along the half-mile march as the wind whipped banners with anti-Bush slogans and carried chants of peace.

"What do we want? Our troops out. When do we want it? Now."

Motorists honked horns and snapped pictures with cellphone cameras while they waited for about 150 protesters to walk past.

The same passage can be found on page 8B in my Metro zone. There's even a picture of one of our friends holding a sign that reads "NO MORE BLOOD FOR OIL", right on the cover, below the fold.

Oh, and you'll want to watch the video report on WFAA as well. A Republican precinct chairwoman screams into the camera, "I've never marched a day in my life before this ... What we have done is wrong ... We've GOT TO IMPEACH George W. Bush!"

And, if you're in the know, you'll probably even spot Beth, the event's intrepid organizer and personal friend o' moi.

Also be sure to check out the CBS 11 report. It includes a writeup and video.

What The Morning News neglects to say is that at the last minute, this gathering was being dubbed by DallasRally a "block party". And the last two hours of it almost, almost actually qualified as a block party. So close.

But still, I say: GENIUS!

Speaking with Beth after the event - which was host to some really great live music, some amazing speakers and poets, and some cool activist-types passing out vital coalition-building materials - I emphasized to her that "block party" is the way future events need to be put forward.

She agreed, and so did the majority of (young) folks who followed us to Cafe Brazil afterward.

Yes, I think there was a consensus last night: protesting is so last generation! I'm feeling a free speech block party, with DJ's on some tables, a few members of the hip-hop caucus, a couple kegs, a free speech zone, tables where various groups can pass out their literature ...

But its going to take a real coalition. The Dallas Peace Center and DallasRally are friends with a lot of other activist networks, but these parties would be more geared to the student groups. We've got to get some (or find some) SDS chapters. I think there's one at UTA. Perhaps more research is needed.

Regardless, free speech block parties will happen, and soon. It'll be a "byob" event, and people probably should be carded before entering. But the drink will be free, and no one organization will be "responsible" or a "sponsor" of the event. We're all just there, chilling out, having a good time, speaking some truth, hanging with good people.

"What's the problem, officer man?"

Last night was the start of something big in Dallas; coming soon to a college campus near you. :OP

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