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The Decision

I have made a decision, and I'm a little unsure how to break the news to you all. Well, here goes nothin' ...

I am going to register as a Republican for the 2008 Texas primary elections. I am going to vote in the Republican primary. I am going to engage my Republican friends in an effort to help them remember what their party was once based upon.

Obama, Edwards and Clinton are, eh ... Okay.

I take that back. Obama is GREAT. The other two are so-so. Clinton, er, less-so, in my opinion. I'm not a fan of ruling by dynasty. It did not work very well for China. I do not wish to try it (again) here. Especially not two dynastic administrations in a row. God. Talk about a flashing, neon invitation for corruption.

I am going to register Republican so that I may vote for Ron Paul. I have been reading Congressman Paul's speech archives on LewRockwell.com, and I must admit, it is influencing my thinking greatly.

Long ago, Conservatism vanished from Washington D.C. It died when Ronald Reagan became President and the NeoConservative movement took hold. Then, in 1994, a push for the re-emergence of Conservatism was co-opted by those same NeoConservatives who've ruled the road since Bill Clinton left office.

It seems as though Congressman Paul has brought the defibrillator. His ethos is Real Conservatism - Goldwater Conservatism - and WE NEED IT BADLY!

Listen to this man speak and immediately you will realize how unlike the typical Republican he sounds. He's even against the war in Iraq. He's especially against the war in Iraq.

Forget this two-faced-coin paradigm. Republicans, Democrats, whateverthehellyouare, we need to look at ideas and people, not ideologies and groups. Focus on the individual candidates, and push our government to focus on individual liberty.

I have traditionally voted Democrat, Green and once or twice, Libertarian. But in 2008, I'll be casting my vote for my first Republican: Ron Paul.

He's The Man.

And as of now, he's my most-sought-after interview subject. I simply must have a conversation with him. Stay tuned.

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