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Presidential Candidate warns of dictatorship

Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul is warning America of the "temptations of a Dictatorship" in a new article published by InfoWars.

Read it.

Ron Paul is The Man.

I'm a Democratic-leaning-Independent. But I would vote for Ron Paul over Barack Obama ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

Here's what he said about 9/11 and terrorism:
"I think freedom's been sliding for a long time and it got a lot worse after 9/11 and I'm always afraid of some concocted event that will scare the American people ... The people in this country need a little bit more reason to go along with the President, but unfortunately our leaders in this country too often have been able to provide the incident that unifies the country behind more militarism."
Here's what he said about the U.S. economy:
"Economically, the consequences will be that there's going to be a wholesale rejection of the dollar, because the world has trusted the dollar, especially since the breakdown of the Bretton Woods in 1971, when the linkage of the dollar to gold was broken, they still trusted the dollar as if it were gold, and therefore we can print the money and we can spend the money and foreign countries take our money, then loan it back to us, so they're getting a bum rap."
He warns of a coming economic meltdown, due to the simple fact that America is flat-broke. He goes on to say:
"They have already trampled on our rights, they talking about putting people in prison today without Habeas Corpus ... If we don't preserve our fundamental freedoms we can't fight back. I'm convinced of one thing: we could all be very very poor tomorrow and have to start from scratch. But if we have our freedoms and we have our sound currency and we have the government off our backs, this country would rebound so quickly."
Ron Paul: Not a Democrat, not a Neo-Conservative, Not an Elitist. 100 percent American. I'm loving it.


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