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I stand with those who were brutally and needlessly attacked by the Los Angeles Police Department yesterday.

Scenes like this should never happen. Watch the video. What happened is just awful. They attacked peaceful demonstrators, some of whom were carrying anti-Bush signs. They attacked photographers and smashed their cameras. They attacked news reporters, women, children, fired hundreds of rubber bullets, deployed tear gas, and beat people relentlessly with clubs.


And furthermore ... Viva la Raza!

(Note: I'm white.)

God. It was another Kent State out there. Thankfully nobody was killed. Nobody was arrested either. Hmm.

Wake up, people. We're living in a police state.

(Another note: photo above was not taken in Los Angeles. Couldn't find too many pictures from yesterday's event, but I'm sure they'll be popping up like crazy on the 'Net over the next few days.)


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