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Journalist arrested at last night's GOP debate

Last night at the New Hampshire GOP debate, the state police arrested a legitimate journalist for asking tough questions.

Apparently, Journalist Matt Lepacek with WeAreChange.com lobbed quires too uncomfortable for Rudy Giuliani's staffers, so they directed the New Hampshire state police to arrest him. His crime is officially "criminal trespassing" (in a public forum), even though he is a properly credentialed and approved member of the press.

Here's exactly what happened ...

This arrest is a frontal assault on the First Amendment of the Constitution.

To think that a civilian member of a campaign - run by a man who holds no governing position - could order a state's police to arrest someone for asking questions ... It is simply beyond the pale. Should a court in the "Live Free or Die" state uphold their actions, the repercussions could be wide and terrifying.

In the aftermath of such an egregious offense against our inalienable rights, one must come to the conclusion that an even darker hour may come should the man at who's behest this was committed were to ever be placed in the presidency. Make no mistake: Rudolph Giuliani is not a Republican, is not a Conservative, has no interest in Constitutional governance, and his election would throw us headlong into a massive police state.

Oh, and for you Pro Life Republicans (hi, mom!) ... Good 'ole BlueRudy wants to fund abortion clinics with tax dollars. Please do not vote for him in the primaries.

If this troubles you as it does I, please contact the following individuals and express your feelings on the arrest of Journalist Matt Lepacek.

New Hampshire Attorney General's office
Main phone: (603) 271-3658

Office of New Hampshire Governor John Lynch
Main phone: (603)271-2121

New Hampshire State Police Commissioner's office
Commissioner: (603) 271-2791
Prosecution Unit: (603) 271-7665

Mr. Lepacek is currently out on bail. His freedom cost him $400. For you, freedom will cost one or two phone calls.

Don't let that cost accrue interest. Speak your mind, while you still can.


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