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Bomb Iran -- a majority says ... YES?!?!?

For a long while, I've believed in the good sense of our American public. But today, Zogby released the results of a poll claiming that 52 percent of America supports bombing Iran. I don't want to believe that is true, because if it is, then we must be a nation of fools.

(Un)Surprisingly, the media has not taken a balanced approach to the situation. The Oxford Research Group released a study entitled "Iran Body Count" that lays bare the unfounded recklessness of such an attack. It would literally mean the start of World War III. It could spell doom for our nation and world. Millions would die, atop the bodies of the millions already dead.

Their blood would be on Bush's hands, and on the hands of a Congress that has not shut this tyrant down.

How can the majority support such a thing? And why is the Oxford study not on the front pages of newspapers nation-wide?

The light is dimming.


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