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Oh, the terror! The terror!

Okay ... so, if we believe our media, the United States Government has over 325,000 names on its "Terrorist Watch List." I am, of course, talking about a Feb. 15, 2006 story in The Washington Post. So, we are surrounded by terror. The suspects are everywhere. It seems like these days, you can't even trust your own neighbor.

When I was in High School, just after the Columbine shootings, my administration prepared a similar list. We installed cameras everywhere, devised plans (they'd yell "code red" over the PA if we had a shooter), endlessly wrung hands, and made a list of "at risk" students. I was one of them. Does that mean I was "at risk" in any way? No, aside from being "at risk" of getting run over by crazy drivers in the parking lot.

But, you see, the principal of the school, Jon Forsythe, did not like me. I had stymied him with an article protesting mandatory prayer "in the name of Jesus" via the school's newspaper, so they were keeping an eye on me. "No Supreme Court is ever gonna' tell me how to run my school, boy," he said. I'll never forget that idiot. He was a bright, shining example of the type of ignorance I must overcome in my lifetime if I am to consider myself successful in any way.

So, that was High School. And I'm wondering: why is this sort of lunacy spreading so quickly across America? You'll never believe what I just found on the AP wire ...
Watch List Delays Reservist's Homecoming
Apr 12 7:44 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press

A Marine reservist returning home after eight months in Iraq was told he couldn't board a plane to Minneapolis because his name appeared on a watch list as a possible terrorist.

Staff Sgt. Daniel Brown, who was in uniform and returning from the war Tuesday with 26 other Marine military police reservists, was delayed briefly in Los Angeles until the issue was cleared up.

The other reservists arrived at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport as scheduled, but instead of immediately meeting their families, they waited on a bus for Brown.

"We don't leave anybody behind," 1st Sgt. Drew Benson said. "We start together, and we finish together."

Brown, 32, arrived more than an hour later. He had also had airport trouble when he was trying to go to Iraq ... and he missed his plane then as well.

"A guy goes over and serves his country fighting for eight or nine months, and then we come home and put up with this?" he asked.

The rest of the story ...


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