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Court throws out 'rendition' case, concerned with 'national security'

Khaled el-Masri's case against the CIA has been thrown out of court by a judge more concerned with what he called "State Secrets" than our own system of justice.

Who is
Khaled el-Masri? Details here.

He's a German citizen who was born in Lebanon. He was kidnapped by the CIA and flown, via "extrodinary rendition" (secret flights) to somewhere in Eastern Europe. There, he was tortured and abused for weeks by agents of Bush's insane little secret police force. Come to find out, el-Marsi had nothing to offer the agents because he was just some guy they pulled out of an airport. They grabbed him for reasons unknown. But his name certainly sounds like, you know, one of the darkies. So, sure, grab him. No problem.

Or so they thought.

After he was released, he sued George Tenent and the CIA for the abuse he suffered. It has now been thrown out of court by Judge TS Ellis, who said in his verdict statement:

"[The result reached here] is in no way an adjudication of, or comment on, the merit or lack of merit of Mr el-Masri's complaint ... Further, it is also important that nothing in this ruling should be taken as a sign of judicial approval or disapproval of rendition programmes. ... In times of war, our country, chiefly through the executive branch, must often take exceptional steps to thwart the enemy."

Catch his drift?

What he's saying should send a chill down your spine.

If some kind of whacked-out crack-fiend kidnapped you, tortured you, beat you, and held you prisoner for months, if not years, in America, and you managed to get away ... That person might very well be put to death.

However, if you work for the CIA, you can abduct, maim and torture, so long as it is done in countries that allow such behavior. And the best part of it all -- your victims don't have to be guilty of ANYTHING! Such was the case of Mr. el-Marsi.

There are over 500,000 names on the "terrorist watch list." Doesn't this make you want to stay away from airports?

That's right. You could be one of the darkies as well. Even if you skin is white as paper.

This is insanity.

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