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New polls are out. Guess what?

Happy new poll day, everyone.

According to new released from "SurveyUSA," Mr. 29 percent (Bush, nationwide) has just hit another major turning point - only three states remain with a majority in support of him. And Texas is not one of them!

Wow. Anyone have suggestions as to what kind of wine I need to buy for this evening?

Bush is at 42 percent approval in Texas, his adopted home state. The state where he was handed his political career. The state that was DUMB enough to put him in the launch pad aimed right at the White House.

Let's spell that out.

F-o-u-r-t-y T-w-o P-e-r-c-e-n-t.

The only states that retain a majority -- Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. The momentum has turned. America, in a state of quiet revolution, is a beautiful thing.

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