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Hate mail time!

Gotta love the hate mail. Here's one from a guy who loved a series of articles I wrote, but then called me an idiot. Something tells me he didn't know that one with politics such as myself would hold the cognitive ability to understand our broken appraisal system. I'm sure he never glanced at the by-line. Oh well.

You guys made it seem like high crimes and treason were being committed there for a while, and then nothing, back to PTA and church picnics. Were you wrong? Were you sued? Granted, that last story by that Webster idiot did nothing for the credibility of your newspaper, but it certainly sounded like there should have been an official investigation. They're still hosing people up there. They want to raise my appraisal 18K this year, and when I look around my neighborhood, I see places with unassessed pools, place that have had no significant change, or even decreases over the past five years... Did you guys decide that tax appraisals were no long relevant?

joe bemrich
flower mound


We're just a team of determined citizens with computers. It is up to your county and state officials to spark an ACTUAL investigation. Though a few of the Commissioners were calling for it, they did not ACT. And repeated calls to the Comptroller's office were never returned. Not that it matters. An idiot can never accomplish anything in life, right Joe?

Hmph. The thanks I get for all that hard work ... Sheesh.

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