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Dallas Civil Rights march

So, I was at the civil rights march (that's what it has been officially labeled by the organizers) in Dallas yesterday. While it was not nearly as big as the march on April 9 (over 500,000 people attended), it was still a big turnout. This reporter would estimate a total of 8-10,000 people came to rally at the foot of Dallas City Hall. Of course, I have not read other estimations of the turnout, so my accuracy remains to be seen.

Overall, it was a more intimate setting where a lot more people spent time sitting in the shade and putting on creative demonstrations. There were dancers adorned in Aztec-influenced costumes, marchers beating drums, and even a few budding musicians recording a music video about democracy. Good backdrop for the topic, I'd say. Once the big demonstration began at 4:30 p.m., all the marchers got together and said the pledge of allegiance, sang "America the Beautiful" in English, then pulled out their mobile phones to call the White House. The man speaking was very excited when he got a busy signal.

(I tried calling the number a couple times after that and managed to get through to the switchboard. The offices had closed an hour earlier.)

I took quite a few photos, but we'll save that for the update on Thursday. In the mean time, I'm posting the one pic that I think really sort-of encapsulated the whole event. This guy's garb was priceless. Check it out ...

I spoke with several people from Lewisville, all citizens there to support the movement. I'll have a story for you on Thursday. It will be another TNC website exclusive.

I'm under deadline right now, so that's all for a bit. Have a good day.

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