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Viva la BOYCOTT!

Its on, my friends. It has already begun.

If you are joining the The Great American Boycott ...
Wear a white shirt.

Don't buy ANYTHING.

Carry an American flag.

Bring a backpack full of water/food. Most businesses will be closed during the march.

Find where people are gathering near you. If you live near a major city, you are close to a march.
If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, go to the offices of Senator John Cornyn in Dallas (link is to a Google Map) by NOON. Don't expect to find parking anywhere near there, however. If today is anything like the mid-April protest, it'll be impossible to get parking within five miles of the church. I spent an hour looking for a spot, and finally my car over-heated and I had to push it up to the curb in front of The Dallas Morning News building.

More info here and here.

I will hopefully get out of work today to join the marchers in Dallas. I worked Saturday and Sunday just so I could get ahead for the week and be in a position where I could miss half a day today and not make the paper suffer. We'll see what Bob has planned for me. But, as soon as he arrives, I'm going to talk to him about it.

And I'm fortunate. Most people going didn't even bother. They are in great risk of losing their jobs more often than not, and they live from paycheck to paycheck. I wish I could reflect their bravery through myself, but I am in a similar economic situation, and possibly treading on thin ice. I must be loyal and ask permission. But, I think he'll say yes.

Viva la BOYCOTT! See you in the streets, my bothers and sisters.

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