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Letter to my Editor

Just got this email. Talk about a nice way to start the day. I'm always getting hate mail, so this is a refreshing change of pace. It was sent to my editor and CC'ed to me.
Mr. Weir,
I had all but given up on the area small town papers' Fox-like bent on siding with the Right, then along came Mr. Webster. How refreshing to see BOTH sides of issues expressed in the recent issue (example: 2 separate articles and 2 separate opinions on Al Gore's new movie, The Truth). And to see that a journalist in this hopelessly red state can publish a viewpoint counter to the Bush administration ("Shadows of My Lai," that points flaws in both the war on terror and the war in Iraq, and gives a positive shout out to one of the real heroes, Congressman John Murtha), without getting run out on a rail by those who've yet to take a razor blade to the Dub'ya 04 window decal (I call them the 29 Percenters). The last line of the article, "U.S. out of Iraq. NOW." is a sentiment that has rarely been expressed in local press without the stinging brand of the scarlett letter "U" for Unpatriotic.
Mr. Weir, I rarely agree with any of your opinions, comments or editorials. Yet, if you had anything to do with bringing Mr. Webster on board, kudos to you that you are secure enough in your stance to invite an occasional blistering from the other side. I've put off writing in praise of Mr. Webster for too long.
As for the News Connection overall, the last issue had no match locally. The other local papers are basically an excuse for a Real Estate section with the predictable hard-right slant in the editorial section. The Main News, Entertainment and Our Town sections far surpassed other area offerings.
I will continue to look forward to that clear plastic bag containing The News Connection. You made it fun to read the local rag again.
Mark Clark
Flower Mound, Texas
A tip 'o the Fedora to you, Mr. Clark.

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