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Federal Medical Marijuaua patient now on MySpace

George McMahon is a unique person. He is one of just seven people in the whole United States who cannot be arrested for using marijuana. He is a member of the FDA's Compassionate IND (Investigative New Drugs) program. He smokes ten government joints every day, grown in Uncle Sam's marijuana garden at Ole' Miss.

And, he just made his own MySpace profile! Check it out.

George has had more than his share of tough shakes in life. He's lived through over 19 major surgeries, and at one point was taking 17 different pharmaceutical substances every day. But, for the last 16 years he has lived on time borrowed from the sweet leaf. His life is literally sustained by the marijuana plant. Without it, he would be dead.

Don't believe me? Read the book Perscription Pot by George McMahon and Christopher Largen. It is an amazing story that will change your mind about the medicines we give our suffering masses.

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