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Barnwell on the Burnt Orange

My local Democratic Congressional candidate Tim Barnwell - TX Dist. 26 - is on today's Burnt Orange Report. They came through with an exceptional interview. Check it out. An excerpt ...
Burnt Orange: Burgess touts the party line of "the fastest growing economy" whereas a BOR reader just pointed out that we have had the worst job growth in 40 years. What do you think can be done to make Burgess's statement actually accurate in the future?

Barnwell: Most Americans already know that many of these newly created jobs are at the very bottom of the economic ladder with little or no opportunity to advance. There are several things we can do to change this situation right here in our district.

As a community we should pledge to ourselves to build the finest public education system in the nation right here in North Texas. Imagine the quality and diversity of employers we could attract with an excellent education system. The importance of this to our district’s future cannot be overstated.

Secondly, on the federal level we can enact legislation that encourages business growth in the United States rather than providing tax incentives to ship jobs and manufacturing overseas.

Next, as private citizens we can reward and encourage those businesses which do their part by paying living wages, keeping jobs at home, and being responsible members of our society by purchasing their products and services, as well as investing in their companies.
Good answer, Tim. Bravo.

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