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A Republican gets it right?

It is about time. From GOP Senator Chuck Hagel's interview with Bob Schieffer, host of CBS' Face the Nation ...
SCHIEFFER: Senator Hagel, you, of course, have broken with the White House and with many in your own party on this, talking about it is time to start thinking about getting American troops out of there. Where do you go from here, senator, and what happens if we do pull troops out?

Sen. HAGEL: ...What you do, I think, because we don't have many options--there's no good options here, no good options. I--I would move toward a higher ground toward right back to what you talked about, Bob, the regionalization. I would--I would get the first President Bush, President Clinton involved and try to impanel a--a regional security conference, a regional diplomatic conference. The UN can be part of that. Unless you come at it that way, we're going to be leaving Iraq, and it is not going to be the way we intended to leave Iraq. Because that--that is the direction of where this is going. It is very wrong, Bob, to put American troops in a hopeless, winless situation, just keep feeding them in to--to what's going on. That's irresponsible and that is wrong.
Watch the whole interview here.

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